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2011-03-27 05:39:18 by Babyblue91

and what they did to justin bieber. :))
ooh. and i made that one got it from coon vs coon and friends episode.
I was bored studying for finals so.. yea. :))

I really dont like him. REALLY.



2011-03-16 10:33:05 by Babyblue91


OMG. But I'm looking forward for summer vacation. I NEED REST!!!
Must practice my pieces now or else I'll be dead meat! :(

The title of this "kundiman" or in English "Traditional Love Song" is "Sapagkat Mahal Kita" (Because I Love You) by Felipe P. De Leon. This is me singing during our annual recital '11. Thought of sharing what I've been doing lately and applied music exams are coming up.. I must prepare because I can feel I'm not that confident enough. Its just something came up last week that made me feel so down and all that. I wasn't able to take everything. Until now I'm still struggling with my new environment especially with the people around me. Well, anyway this video somehow forget that though.

Oh, lost enchantment of my dearly beloved

2011-02-01 08:40:54 by Babyblue91

I would like to share what I do in real life aside from composing random stuffs in here. This is me singing in my performance forum last January 25. This is a requirement for a voice major like me especially that my major deals with performances. We do this every semester.
This song talks about her lost beloved. In italian "O del mio amato ben" the composer of this song is Stefano Donaudy who is a romantic composer but he was never known that much but brought a very significant contribution during that time. I hope you have time to listen to this. I'd say this is a wonderful piece.

So for the past days I've been watching two of the most promising movies ever made. One is Amadeus featuring the story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Two is Immortal Beloved. A story about Beethoven's "Angel" the one he ever loved. Watching these two made me understand their music even more.
I believe Mozart as a child is obviously a prodigy and nobody could top HIM. BUT, Mozart has his own flaws too. He may be good when it comes to music but then in life he seemed to have a hard time since before, his music was never appreciated. Many contradict his compositions. Especially Salieri (desperate composer -- as i could describe him) who is in awe of Mozart's music. He believed that Mozart's music is the voice of God and that he could never have. He also planned to destroy him. Mozart as a young adult is a heavy drinker, chases women and loves to do childish things. He is a "happy-go-lucky" person. A person I think you can never trust if your living at those times. But then his music astonishes people. I have so many things to say regarding the movie but all I can say is that it was well performed by Tom Hulce. He really portrayed Mozart very well. I learned a lot from the movie. It widened my understanding of their lives and music.

On the other hand Immortal Beloved is a story of a man, Beethoven for we all know had an illness as he became deaf. He really caught my attention for some reason, (I don't know why) than Mozart's story. Maybe because of he was unable to hear and he was a musician. And as a musician, hearing is our best friend. Beethoven is lowly man. It shows in his music. Very dark and heavy. As if all of his cares are passed through his music and people at his time didn't appreciate the kind of music he's producing. He became so grumpy as he loses his hearing. As if he's angry to the world and he blames it. He felt so ashamed. Nobody knows and feels like to be deaf. I feel pity of Beethoven in some parts of the movie. I feel the same way sometimes that nobody understands me. People mock and laugh at him which I think he never deserved. As when he died, people then after appreciate him more and his music. A lot of people when to his funeral. True to that "Regrets are felt when it's just too late". As for his beloved, he truly loved her despite of all the hurts that came to them. Beethoven tried to make her feel bad of all sorts but deep inside, he truly loved his immortal beloved. Which is very romantic of Beethoven. Musicians really love deeply no doubt.

*I am now addicted watching those kind of movies.. you know getting to know the life of our epic composers who made our music today. We owe them a lot for without them there will be no all sorts of music we hear today. :D

Changed PC :)

2010-12-02 10:08:31 by Babyblue91

So that's why I haven't been making music. Also, music school has been so hectic.
So many things to accomplish plus my health issues. =|
Sorry if I left -- more like in a long hiatus.
Just updating things and checking out new music of my favorite artists.
Hopefully if I could find a spare time I might make music soon..

Tough time memorizing

2010-07-17 05:56:56 by Babyblue91

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Is going to sing this in my incoming performance forum and crap I'm having a hard time memorizing it especially it's in a German language. It's my first German piece. I'm worried. I'm trying to polish especially my pronunciation and diction. My prof. said, I need to "level-up" to be better. I'm a bit spoiled, she said, I easily give up and don't bother to continue anymore. I've recently watch graduation recitals and was motivated. It gave me a drive to focus more on what I'm doing despite the distractions (like what I'm doing now). I hope this piece and I will get along. Hmmmp!

By the way this song is about The Trout.

Latest Upload -- is Back

2010-07-03 02:58:37 by Babyblue91

After a month I guess I'm not gonna stop making music though sick I can still manage to make one but not frequently. I need to take care of myself more and I'm vegetarian so.. :) I'm happy changing my lifestyle..

Here is my latest: Orchestral Theme comments and ratings are appreciated. :)


Due to health reasons,,

2010-06-05 03:13:57 by Babyblue91

I won't be able to make new songs for now.. It will take months or so but I'll be visiting the site as often as I could. Wish me luck for my recovery..

So, I woke up this morning and remember the dream I had last night. It was about someone whom I have past relationship with. As I could remember we we're running together, holding our hands (some sort of a race or something). We we're happy and enjoying each others company. The rest is all fantasy scenes and stuff. This dream occurred several times now. I was not thinking about the person either. I have no communication with the person for about 3 years now. It keeps on coming back. As if it's haunting me whenever it feels like to.

If someone in here interpret my dream..